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EcosConnect products  make it easy to manage your cross connection control program.  Backflow testing and reporting simplified for water suppliers and testers.

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EcosConnnect helps solve the challenges your team is facing. Whether you are a water supplier or testing company, our tools allow your team do their best work and reduce friction in the process.


Get an overview of the current state of compliance with our modern dashboard. Dive deeper to get more in depth metrics or find anything in your data with our global search.


See what you need, when you need to see it. Our application is optimized to surface actionable information and empower you to address it quickly.


Prevent incomplete/poor data entry with our mobile tester suite and online test submission process. All reports submitted require valid test kit calibration and tester credentials. Our mobile app helps testers in the field by adapting required test fields based on the assembly type.


Track your test history along with all customer notifications for the life of the assembly. All edits to assembly info are displayed clearly on test submission, and require water supplier approval.

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Import your existing customer data automatically from any biling software and/or CSV file.


Create unlimited templates for customer communications. We can even print and deliver the reminder notices directly to your customers.


Find and organize customer data on your own terms. Add custom tags and notes to your service connections for reference and future search.

Secure + Reliable

Our platform is end-to-end encrypted via SSL and built on modern AWS Cloud infrastructure. We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Data Integrity

Never worry about your data integrity again with our continuous backup and the ability to roll back to any point in the past 30 days.


We are compensated when you receive value from using the system. That means no upfront costs, annual maintenance fees, upgrade fees, help desk support, or initial training costs.


Login to our app from any desktop or mobile device with access to the internet. We also have a native mobile app specifically tailored for testers in the field.


Capture geo-tagged and time stamped images from our mobile app with each test report. You can even feed them directly into your GIS system.

Forward View

View tests-in-process before completed reports are even submitted.  Avoid penalties or termination of service notices to customers if a tester has failed to submit a timely report, but has completed a test.


Utilize a single login to manage all your water suppliers (for testing companies).


Communicate job information between tester and water suppliers within our suite of tools. No more trying to find those old emails!


EcosConnect empowers teams to solve the real challenges they face today. Find out how our suite of tools is helps organizations like yours meet their needs and deliver superior results.

Implementing EcosConnect has drastically cut down on staff’s administrative time by having testers enter test reports, mailing notices on predetermined dates, and color-coded reporting to easily identify test results. Navigation of the site is simple and intuitive. Now staff has time to focus on compliance issues and inspections.
Our jurisdiction is pleased with the customer service, transparency of the company and the product they supply.

Brian M.

Senior Environmental Coordinator
City of Oregon City

EcosConnect has helped our backflow program run more efficiently by reducing downtime and effectively reaching our customer base to ensure annual compliance.

Their system is a user-friendly experience for both water purveyors and testers and serves as a bridge of communication between the two. I’m glad we chose EcosConnect.

Timothy S.

Cross Connection Specialist
Olivenhain Municipal Water District

Our utility chose EcosConnect from a list of several larger known national competitors. After researching the product and learning of the user-friendly features, for both the tester and water purveyor, it was an easy decision. They are continually looking toward the future improving their system as technology changes. It is impressive how well this system has worked for our company. I knew start-up of EcosConnect would present some challenges as we navigated through the many features, but with that said, the implementation of this software was a smooth transition and so much easier than expected. The support staff at EcosConnect have been really helpful by answering questions that arise and guiding us through any problems we have encountered. I highly recommend EcosConnect to any utility that is looking to simplify their backflow program while freeing up time for their staff to work on other projects and saving money in the long run.

Mark K.

Water Quality Specialist
McMinnville Water & Light